Monday 14 June 2021

Captain Morgan statement

Captain Morgan has decided to temporarily suspend its works on the St Julian’s pontoon as a sign of goodwill, even though it has all the permits and clearance from the authorities to proceed.

This morning the contractor was informed to remove the spud barge after Captain Morgan entered into dialogue with the St Julian’s local council, NGOs and other representatives to discuss potential solutions on the way forward.

Following an impasse two weeks ago, the company had awaited further clearance from ERA and a Notice of Variation was issued confirming that works on the pontoon between St Julian’s Aquatic Sports Club and Neptunes WPSC could proceed.

“Notwithstanding all the permits we have in hand, as a sign of goodwill we decided to temporarily suspend the works and enter into dialogue with all the relevant parties in the hope of finding a solution,” a Captain Morgan spokesperson said.

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