Monday 14 June 2021

University discussion on the future for graduates in Maltese

#tunattoga… u mbagħad?

Once again this year, l-Għaqda tal-Malti will be collaborating with the Department of Maltese at the University for the talk  #tunattoga… u mbagħad? (After the toga…then what?)

Eight speakers will take part, all Maltese language graduates, who have taken different routes after they obtained their degree. They will speak about other studies they followed after their course, and the different work sectors which having a degree in Malta led them to.

The speakers are Kirsty Azzopardi, Dorothy Bezzina, Janice Bonnici, Gordon Mifsud, Marilyn Mintoff, Ann Marie Schembri, Matthew Schembri and Rebecca Vella.

Although it is aimed primarily at students of Maltese, everyone is invited to share their thoughts and experiences.

The talk will be held on 19 May at 7pm and will be transmitted on Facebook Live on the Għaqda tal-Malti page.

Ikseb aktar tagħrif billi tagħfas hawn.

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