Wednesday 14 February 2024


This year, during the Christmas period, Esplora, Interactive Science Centre, will be opening its doors every evening for a unique experience to be enjoyed by the whole family. The Esplora Christmas Wonderland programme will be bringing together the spirit of Christmas with the exciting world of Science and Technology, in a unique way that only Esplora knows how to create.
The Esplora Christmas Wonderland programme was officially launched by the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation, the Honourable Keith Azzopardi Tanti, during an activity organised at Esplora and Villa Bighi in Kalkara. The Hon. Azzopardi Tanti announced how, this year, ” … we will be delivering the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a different way, because for the first time, Esplora is creating this village, where children and adults together will have the opportunity to experience Science and have fun at the same time, in a warm Christmas environment.”
The Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, Mr. Silvio Scerri stressed the commitment of Esplora and of the Council to deliver quality events for the whole family, especially in Christmastime up to the New Year an beyond. He also expressed his confidence that many people would choose to seize the opportunity to come to Esplora for an educational and entertaining experience, suitable for all ages, always in the spirit of Christmas.
Together with the very popular duo Danusan, the experience will be expanded to a level where entertainment, through music, dancing and singing, will meet science. Especially for this programme, Esplora prepared a trail containing 14 different stations, which starts even before entering Esplora. Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by a special character, The Wise Elf who, through a special device, will remove any sadness and problems being felt by guests before they start their adventurous visit.
The activities planned will include knowledge-sharing and hands-on experiences on how snow is formed, what Father Christmas does to keep healthy and not to continue getting any older than he already is. Children will have the possibility to write a letter to Father Christmas, and also particpate in a game to train them to enter and pass through home chimneys. This training is given using special laser beams. They will also discover how Father Christmas manages to deliver all the presents in one night!
During these days of celebration and presents, a lot of waste of all kinds is generated. During the programme, information and education about how we can have more sustainable celebrations will not be lacking. The visit continues in the majestic and historic building of Villa Bighi, where a traditional Christmas Village has been set up. As a memento of the visit, souvenir photos will also be taken, and then electronically sent directly to visitors.
Esplora Senior Director, Olaf Mc Kay, reiterated that this programme is a special and innovative event that is ideal for the whole family, including children and adults. He explained how this year, Esplora and the Maltese Council for Science and Technology have come up with this new idea of opening in the evening in a magical and sensational Christmas atmosphere, against the background of science and research, together with the very popular personalities – Danusan.
The Esplora Christmas Wonderland programme will be open from Friday 8 December to Sunday 7 January, both dates inclusive, every evening from 6:00pm to 10:30pm, for a unique celebration for the whole family.
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