Thursday 21 October 2021

Malta BNI offers support to Maltese entrepreneurs seeking international links

Malta-based entrepreneurs who are envisaging of expanding into foreign markets, and in Italy in particular, may want to explore a number of leads on Monday 26th October at 9 am, when Malta BNI will be having a zoom remote meeting with BNI EXIM Italy. BNI EXIM team include members from several companies involved in such sectors as legal and financial advisors, export managers, translation and interpretation, training and consultancy, and recruitment. Visitors from Malta are welcome

EXIM, which stands for export-import, is a cross-chapters team of BNI Italia members who deal with internationalisation. It was created last year after listening to the needs of many members in Italy who wanted to expand their business abroad. The EXIM team acts as a bridge between Italy and the world in both directions.

Conducted in English, the meeting will run from 9am till 11am. This business encounter will be dedicated to the presentations of the activities of companies in Malta to Italian and non-Italian BNI members interested in exporting from and importing in Italy. Malta BNI members and visitors who will join the meeting will have the opportunity to present themselves, their products or services, their needs and markets of interest. Members and visitors alike attending this virtual meeting will have the opportunity to make a sales pitch introducing their respective services or products. 

This is the fifth international joint meeting being held online since last July by Malta BNI. Similar initiatives were held with chapters from Cyprus, Rome, South Africa and Global Riders, an informal group of BNI members from all over the world, interested in meeting Malta-based chapters and members and exploring possibilities of business cooperation. 

As an international business referral organisation, BNI today has over 9,750 chapters in more than 70 countries across the globe. Non-BNI businesses from Malta are being invited to join this virtual joint chapter meeting so that they too can experience some of the great potential that BNI’s international dimension can offer, especially in these challenging times. 

For the BNI EXIM meeting, one can register here by Sunday 25th October at 12 noon:

For more information about this event, please email Viviana Premazzi at or David Bullock at or Carmel Bonello #bnimalta #networking #business #malta

Established in 1986, BNI’s proven business networking platform provides its members with the ideal environment, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses.  Malta BNI has been established in 2012 and today it has five active chapters which are currently regularly meeting via zoom.  

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