Friday 22 January 2021

JCI Malta’s Planning Weekend pledges a successful 2020 plan

Through a series of empowering talks, teamwork exercises and brainstorming sessions, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Malta National Board 2020 set out its vision for the forthcoming year during its Planning Weekend.  

The JCI Malta Planning Weekend was held at The Victoria Palace Hotel in Sliema over two days at the end of November, during which the board members had the opportunity to work at putting together a comprehensive leadership training plan for 2020.

JCI Malta provides young professionals with the opportunity to develop into future leaders and create positive change.

JCI Malta will be hosting a string of events under its three Local Organisations, namely JCI La Vallette (Business), JCI Wignacourt (Social), and JCI Public Speaking & Debating, with the aim of building positive platforms for social reforms. By engaging local and international speakers, JCI Malta will be providing training in public speaking, leadership skills, and management techniques for young professionals looking to hone their abilities and extend their network.

Some of the highlights for the forthcoming year include a Debating League in the first half of the year, a series of Train your Brain sessions, and a National Convention in September with the participation of international JCI members. All JCI Malta events are open to members and the general public upon registration.

JCI Malta President for 2020, Markus Behmann, said: “Our 2020 vision incorporates positive changes for individuals and companies who truly want to drive growth. We offer leadership-making opportunities to anyone aged between 18 and 40 who would like to develop their professional and personal skills in a safe space with like-minded people, and we encourage people to join JCI Malta and become active members in the organisation. This year we are also seeking corporate partnerships whereby companies can partner with JCI Malta and nominate a member of staff to become a JCI Malta member and benefit from training sessions and conferences both locally and internationally.”

For further information and to become a member of JCI Malta, visit the website on 

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