Tuesday 31 March 2020

HSBC Malta Summer Cocktail Party

Pictured above: Desiree Farrugia, Massimo Debono, Maria Gauci  and Sina Ebejer – Direct Business Specialists

Malcolm Spiteri - Physical Risk Manager speaking to Mark Watkinson, CEO and Mark Drago, Head of Security & Fraud Risk.

Thomas de Montmarin, Head of Savings & Investments, Retail Banking & Wealth Management; Joyce Grech, Head of Customer Value Management and Paul Steel, Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management

Brian Tortell, Head of Marketing; Stephen Pandolfino, Head of Global Markets & Investment Banking & Deputy Head of Global Banking and Markets; Mark Sims, Head of Human Resources

Joseph J Agius - Head of Custody, Trustee and Fiduciary, Josianne Rivans - Assistant Manager Custody, Internal Controls and Financial MI, and Anna Robinich - Customer Service Officer, Paola Branch

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