Tuesday 23 July 2024

HSBC Malta celebrates diversity and inclusion with EuroPride 2023 sponsorship

HSBC Malta is delighted to announce its sponsorship and active participation in EuroPride 2023. This pan-European event is a beacon of diversity, inclusion, and support for the LGBTIQ+ community. HSBC will be contributing €35,000, funded by HSBC Malta and HSBC Continental Europe, to support the series of events taking place across Malta from 7th to 17th September.

EuroPride, an annual event since 1992, is hosted by a different European city each year, each with an established Pride framework and this year, Malta has the honour of hosting the event. Over ten days, a variety of events and activities will be organised by Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC).

ARC is a voluntary organisation committed to fostering a sense of belonging and growth within the LGBTIQ+ community, with the ultimate aim of making positive contributions to society at large.

The planned events include an opening concert, conferences, exhibitions, Pride-themed evenings, and the much-anticipated Pride March. HSBC’s support of EuroPride 2023 aligns seamlessly with its commitment to fostering an inclusive society and workplace.

Geoffrey Fichte, CEO of HSBC Malta, said, “At HSBC, we believe in opening up a world of opportunity by celebrating our differences. Our sponsorship of EuroPride 2023 is a testament to this commitment. We’re proud to support an event that fosters inclusion and celebrates the diversity that strengthens our communities.”

Maria Azzopardi, ARC President, said: “We are delighted that HSBC Malta have chosen to sponsor and participate in EuroPride Valletta 2023. This year is Malta’s chance to show the rest of the world what it means to live in a country which places diversity and inclusion at its core and HSBC Malta is one of the many companies across Malta and Gozo that put that philosophy into practice. We are so proud to be able to showcase that during this year’s EuroPride celebrations, and show the world the value of good workplace inclusion practices and allyship.”

HSBC Malta’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond this event. The bank has consistently supported initiatives that promote inclusivity and health within the LGBTIQ+ community. Encouraging colleagues to be active allies and to voice their concerns, HSBC Malta believes that fostering diversity and inclusion can energise growth and better serve its customers and employees.

HSBC Malta eagerly anticipates its collaboration with ARC and participation in EuroPride 2023. The bank is committed to contributing to the growth of our communities and making Malta an attractive and dynamic destination for LGBTIQ+ individuals to visit, work, and live in.

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