Thursday 06 October 2022

Esplora Online Science Café

Esplora Interactive Science Centre will be transmitting a series of live online science cafés. The first debate will be held live on Wednesday 6th May from 6:45pm till 7:30pm, transmitted via the Esplora Interactive Science Centre’s Facebook page –

Throughout the debate, certain aspects in relation to infectious diseases, vaccinology and related research will be highlighted. Moreover it will be discussed how pandemics have always made an impression on world history and how Covid-19 will forever remain imprinted in the history of humanity. More details will also be revealed about the Research and Innovation fund Covid-19 launched last month by the Malta Council for Science (MCST) and Technology.

The webinar will be addressed by:
Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Executive Chairman, MCST
Dr. Ing. James Foden, Senior Director – Strategy, Research, and Technical Affairs, MCST
Prof. Christian Scerri, Physiology & Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, UM / Genetic Consultant, Mater Dei Hospital

Moderator: Ms. Giselle Calleja, Senior Executive Public Relations, MCST 

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