Tuesday 11 August 2020


Tuesday 18th June at 6pm
St. Luke’s Hospital, Gwardamangia
Following the serious building collapses that have happened around the island as a result of construction works, Moviment Graffitti is organising a protestin front of the MDA offices this Tuesday, 18th June. The protest will kick off from St Luke’s Hospital at 6pm, followed by a short walk in front of the Malta Developers Association (MDA) headquarters. 

Graffitti is inviting residents and resident associations from various localities in Malta to show their displeasure at the way they have been treated by the developers’ lobby and their dictatorship. 

We are making a list of urgent demands in order to safeguard the safety of residents around Malta, who are now scared of staying in their own homes:

1. An end to the boundless arrogance and bullying of developers on residents;
2. A limit to permits issued by the various authorities and an end to the laissez-faire in the planning sector;
3. A restriction on the hours in which construction and excavation works can be carried out, and a limit on the number of road closures and parking slots stolen from residents;
4. A law that imposes decent standards to safeguard the residents’ health and safety in areas close to construction sites;
5. A serious enforcement of the laws regulating construction, to give, without exception, protection and dignity to workers and residents alike;
6. That responsibility is taken for the permanent deformation of our islands, particularly when such incidents are involved: so far, nobody has taken responsibility for any of these accidents.

We encourage all those who are angry, fed up and worried about this situation to join this protest.

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