Tuesday 23 July 2024

Atlas Insurance presents “Centennial Chronicles: Celebrating Malta’s Commercial Legacy”

Atlas Insurance’s exhibition is marking the hundred years of its legacy. “Centennial Chronicles: Celebrating Malta’s Commercial Legacy,” is currently underway at The Malta Chamber in Valletta. This unique exhibition, open until May 28th, is not just a celebration of Atlas’ 100-year journey but a comprehensive tribute to the vibrant commercial history of Malta.
The exhibition offers visitors a journey through Malta’s economic development, cultural history, and political dynamics, which are deeply intertwined with the narrative of Atlas Insurance. From pre-20th century insurance documents to a reconstructed 1920s-1930s office, the exhibition showcases the evolution of the insurance industry in parallel with the country’s social and economic evolution, as it adapted to reflect the shifting needs and risks of each period.

Catherine Calleja, Executive Director and Company Secretary of Atlas Insurance, commented: “This project has long been in the making. Atlas Insurance has chosen to put together an exhibition of commercial history in Malta rather than concentrate on its own journey alone, highlighting the fact that it is the commercial legacy of our clients which has made Atlas what it is today – and made the Atlas story.”
Curated by Justine Balzan Demajo, with archiving and research conducted by Nikolai Debono, the exhibition is open from Monday to Friday until the 28 May between 8am and 4.30pm. There will be daily curatorial tours on a drop-in basis at lunchtime from 22 April.
Lectures by Liam Gauci, Dr Philip Farrugia Randon and Dr Mario Brincat will also be held, shedding light on various aspects of commercial history, from corsairing to memories of Valletta in the mid-twentieth century, to economic history between 1945-1959. Bookings for these lectures and for evening curatorial tours are available online through the Atlas website.
For more info and bookings, visit www.atlas.com.mt/chronicles

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