Saturday 02 July 2022

Pay it forward with TAPP Water

A local company that has made it its mission to stop the use of 10 million plastic bottles used for drinking water by 2023 has made a donation of four of its water filters to Fondazzjoni Sebħ. This will enable the children at Dar San Nikola and Dar Fra Diego to benefit from a water filter in each of their apartments.

The donation is being paid forward to the environment, thanks to the reduction of the plastic bottles that would otherwise have been used. According to Phil Richards, CEO of TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd, which made the donation: “It is a pleasure to be able to provide TAPP Water filters to the children in care at Dar San Nikola and Dar Fra Diego, with the help of Caminiamo, so that the children can have easy access to filtered drinking water with a simple, effective solution.

“We look forward to supporting Fondazzjoni Sebħ for many years to come by helping them eliminate the use of plastic bottles for drinking water and setting a good example for the children to make positive changes to protect our environment.”

The filters offered by TAPP Water, TAPP 2 Twist, are the only sustainable water filters available in Malta since the filter refill casings are used over and over again, eventually being recycled, and the filter refills are mostly composed of organic material that are bio-degradeable.

TAPP 2 Twist is more convenient than plastic bottles since water is always available from the kitchen mixer, it is 90% cheaper than plastic bottles and its filtration technology leaves healthy minerals in without wasting any water.

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