Saturday 31 October 2020

MCST launches new call for proposals towards a plastic free healthy Mediterranean Sea – PARADISE Call

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) has launched a new call for proposals for the generation of new ideas towards start-up actions to explore and tackle the challenges arising from plastic in our environment. 

MCST understands that today’s consumption and use of plastics demands fundamental changes in which research and innovation can play a crucial role towards a circular economy. In this regard, collaborative research actions including feasibility studies and economic models are needed to generate potential ideas that may provide solutions not only for the Maltese context but also in the Mediterranean region and beyond to address plastic waste.  

The Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, commented, “With this call, we aim at supporting innovative ideas and approaches which are applicable to the Mediterranean and focused on the manufacture and utilization of plastics. Initiatives aimed at  preventing this material from polluting our environment as a waste product will be encouraged. Proposals should address challenges related to the local scenario which have a tangible impact on the Mediterranean Sea and involve collaboration with other partners from the region. This transnational cooperation will enable the successful participants to prepare themselves for bigger and more impactful projects through European funding.”

The call is aimed at Enabling Research in Plastics in a Circular Economy Context. It is intended to support applicant entities seeking to progress their activities to explore new ideas, methods and innovations that can bring changes in the life cycle patterns of plastics. This will enable participants to generate their ideas and carry out the necessary preparatory activities that may lead to an enhanced project proposal for the future EU Framework Programme supporting research and innovation – Horizon Europe.

Hon Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy added, “Research and Innovation is providing solutions to today’s environmental problems which the world and our country are facing. This call comes as a response to the major threat to the Health of our Sea and is one action amongst others in our fight against marine litter and in finding innovative solutions at local, national and regional level to address this complex issue with the involvement of a range of different sectors, disciplines and actors.”

This competitive call is made possible through national funds managed by MCST and will support entities operating in Malta. Mono-beneficiary proposals are accepted, however, collaborative partnerships are highly encouraged to be able to address the call more thoroughly. 

This new call is part of several of MCST’s initiatives aiming at supporting Maltese entities to participate in research and innovation projects. Its objective is to effectively prepare them for successful participation in future Horizon Europe funding opportunities. 

More details on the call me be found on the Council’s  website Completed applications should be submitted by 1800hrs on 6th November 2020 to [email protected]

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