Sunday 01 October 2023

Malta’s largest beverage firms join GreenPak Co-operative

The trend for major organisations to join GreenPak Cooperative Society, Malta’s largest Waste Recycling Scheme, continues to gain momentum with the recent addition of Farsons Group and GSD Marketing Ltd.

As part of their environmental commitment to operate at the most sustainable level, the two largest beverage firms in Malta are now using GreenPak’s waste recovery systems which already provide services to over 70% of Malta’s population. Working for many years in close association with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, GreenPak’s cooperative provides an open, transparent and trustworthy setup.

Farsons Group Chief Executive Mr Norman Aquilina said: “At Farsons Group we have long been sensitive to our responsibilities in relation to the environment and have invested in a number of related measures and work practices over the years. Joining GreenPak is just another step in this direction. We acknowledge the increased focus on the circular economy and the impact commercial activity in general has on the environment, and we will continue to maintain a responsible approach and focus on the basic but critical principals – re-use, recycle and recover – in all areas of our operations. We shall be working hand-in-hand with GreenPak to further improve on our obligation of recovering the majority of the equivalent tonnage of packaging waste generated by our commercial activity.”

GSD Marketing’s Chief Operating Officer Ms Maria Micallef said: “GSD Marketing honours its sustainability obligations through an extensive waste separation programme, while endeavouring to continuously improve its environmental performance through its ISO14000 certification. While we comply with regulations stipulated at EU and local legislation, as well as by The Coca-Cola Company’s waste compliance requirements, joining GreenPak is the latest in a series of sustainability actions taken by the company. We have set ourselves environmental targets, promoting proper waste separation among our staff to increase our recycling rates and reduce waste ending up in landfills.”
The collaborative power of the two largest beverage firms in Malta will further strengthen the holistic waste management approach needed to address Malta’s unique needs and challenges. Year on year, GreenPak has shown that its cooperative model, administered by a committee of management elected annually, is capable of achieving superior environmental performance, notwithstanding that it operates at the least possible cost, making it the leader in Malta for the collection and recycling of packaging waste.
GreenPak CEO, Ing. Mario Schembri explained: “Our cooperative’s agenda is to provide Maltese companies with the best solution to fulfil their Extended Producer responsibility (EPR). GreenPak has a track-record of working with both industry and policy makers to strengthen the framework within which economic progress, diversion of material from landfills, and emission reductions can be achieved simultaneously. Farsons Group’s and GSD Marketing Ltd’s participation will significantly consolidate further our efforts in contributing towards improving Malta’s recycling efforts.”

Engaging in public awareness campaigns, selective waste collection education and anti-littering campaigns, GreenPak provides effective education and awareness to more than seven out of ten consumers in Malta.


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