Tuesday 23 July 2024

“Lack of enforcement leading to more littering” – GreenPak

Pictured: Winning Local Councils (from left), Qala mayor Mr Paul Buttigieg, Zejtun mayor Ms Maria Dolores Abela, Minister Herrera, Ing. Mario Schembri, Naxxar mayor Ms Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami, and B’Kara mayor Ms Joanne Debono Grech

As part of its responsible strategy to educate the people on the need of both recycling and disposing of waste properly and correctly, GreenPak Coop Society stressed on the national importance of working “Towards a Cleaner Malta” (Għal Malta aktar Nadifa) during its annual Premju Kunsilli Lokali. The awards ceremony was attended by the Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Dr Jose’ Herrera, Local Council Mayors and Counsellors.

Prior to the awards presentation, GreenPak CEO Ing Mario Schembri spoke about the significant investment made by the cooperative to collect plastics, paper, metal and glass materials for recycling. He emphasised on the issue of careless individuals that still litter the streets and about the lack of enforcement which is leading to a deteriorating situation in this regard.  

Following the replacement of all the bring-in sites with the new iBiNs installed  in 42 localities,  GreenPak registered a sharp rise in the collection of paper, glass, metal and plastic for recycling. Using the iBiNs web app at ibins.greenpak.com.mt, citizens can find out the nearest available location for iBins 24/7.  

“It has been great satisfaction for us to see that our major investment on iBiNs was immediately acknowledged by the public,” said Ing Mario Schembri, GreenPak’s CEO.  “While we invested heavily in advanced technology for these sophisticated iBiNs, it is ridiculous to see careless individuals dispose of their litter haphazardly around these containers instead of inside the relevant iBiN. We are prepared to invest further, this time in the installation of CCTVs in all the iBiNs sites but first we need to see regular enforcement by the authorities. People need to understand that the world is not ours. We are simply borrowing it from our children, and we have to take care of it,” explained Ing Schembri.

GreenPak believes that the idea of government spending taxpayers’ money on cleaning litter left by irresponsible individuals sends the wrong message. The money should be spent on effective enforcement of strong and crucial regulations on littering.

Ing Schembri and Minister Herrera presented the awards. The top Outstanding Locality Award was presented to Naxxar Local Council, which also won the Most Innovative Locality Award.

Qala Local Council received the Best Overall Performance Award, while Birkirkara Local Council received the Nirriċikla għall-Istrina Award. The Batree Award went to Iklin Local Council, while the Most Proactive Award was won by Zejtun Local Council.

For further information and enquiries, one can visit GreenPak’s website www.greenpak.com.mt or call on telephone: 2166 0233.

Premju Kunsilli Lokali organised by GreenPak
Most Innovative Locality Award Nominated: Imqabba, Żejtun Winner: Naxxar
Most Proactive Council Award Nominated: Naxxar, Qala Winner: Żejtun
Batree Award Nominated: Għasri, Sliema Winner: Iklin
Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina Award Nominated: San Pawl il-Baħar, Valletta Winner: B’Kara
Best Overall Performance Award Nominated: Attard, Kirkop Winner: Qala
Oustanding Locality Award Nominated: Qala, Żejtun Winner: Naxxar

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