Tuesday 23 July 2024

GreenPak recycles tonnes of used batteries in aid of Hospice Malta

GreenPak Cooperative Society, the leading nationwide collection service for separated waste and a prominent environmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, has successfully collected and recycled 2,336,000 portable batteries, equivalent to an impressive 46,720 kilograms.

In environmental terms, this means that GreenPak has reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by effectively saving 7,311 kilograms. Additionally, the collection has resulted in a decrease in fossil fuel demand by 29,115 megajoules, conserved 8,601 litres of water, and reduced particulate matter emissions by 6,330 grams. These efforts are also equivalent to planting 121 trees, contributing to the revitalization of our natural ecosystems.

The collection and recycling of batteries by GreenPak are supported by their “Batteries for Hospice” campaign. This environmental charity-driven initiative is aimed at promoting environmental sustainability while supporting Hospice Malta in its mission to provide exceptional palliative care. Through the combined efforts of schools, organizations, and businesses, the “Batteries for Hospice” campaign encouraged the community to actively participate in battery collection and recycling, with each contribution directly benefiting Hospice Malta. Simply put, the more batteries are collected, the larger the donation made to this noble cause will be. The campaign has resonated with individuals and businesses alike, who are showcasing their commitment to both environmental stewardship and compassionate care.

Denise Brincat, Senior Manager at GreenPak, expressed her gratitude and shared an invitation to the public, stating, “GreenPak invites everyone to participate in this noble cause and contribute to the betterment of our environment and community. If you have any batteries lying around your home or office, take this opportunity to make a difference. Simply drop off your used batteries at one of GreenPak’s conveniently located battery bins, situated in leading supermarkets, stationeries, local councils, and schools.”

GreenPak ensures that the battery collection system accommodates a wide range of battery types, including AA, AAA, Button, C, D, 6V, 9V, and mixed batteries. By responsibly disposing of batteries through GreenPak’s collection system, individuals not only prevent potential hazards but also contribute to preserving our soil and water resources, safeguarding them from contamination caused by harmful substances like heavy metals.

It is crucial to note that Malta imports over 2 million batteries annually, many of which can be recycled. Numerous devices in our homes, such as wall clocks, smoke alarms, flashlights, toys, remote controls, game controllers, wireless computer mice and keyboards, rely on batteries. GreenPak is emphasizing that every battery counts and every effort should be made to recycle so as to contribute towards a cleaner environment and a brighter future for generations to come.

For a detailed list of all the available 900 GreenPak battery collection points spread across the country, one can visit: https://rb.gy/nrhi9

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