Monday 10 August 2020

New children’s book

Investing in a new author is always an exciting venture, for the publishers as

it is for the readers. And after a longish gestation period, Merlin Publishers

are proud to be launching the debut novel for children by Audrey Friggieri.

Avventuri mill-Klassi ta’ Miss Ambrożja Pulis Kiftaranipengini is a

zany adventure with a class teacher definitely sui generis who seems to be

able to magically transport her students – one at a time – to a deserted

island. How will each of them cope? Will they adapt, try to find their way out,

or befriend the island’s only inhabitant?


Miss Ambrożja is a clever mix of humour, adventure, wackiness and

thought experiments. It is most definitely not your average children’s book,

but even more entertaining for that.

Friggieri’s ambitious manuscript is illustrated by Spanish artist José Luís

Ocaña. Collaborating with a non-Maltese artist has been a first for Merlin

Publishers, a concrete example of international cooperation and exploiting

the synergies of the European creative market. Born of an encounter at

Bologna Book Fair 2012, this collaboration is certainly the first of many to

come, as the illustrations managed to perfectly capture the mood of

Friggieri’s novel.


Miss Ambrożja is perfect for readers aged 8 to 12, although of course as

with all good children’s fiction the only age limit is one’s imagination.

The book is available from all bookshops, and directly from

isbn=9789990914405 (with free delivery to Malta and Gozo).