Monday 06 April 2020

Minister Leo Brincat launches national Education and Awareness campaign on waste prevention

The Hon. Leo Brincat, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change unveiled a three year extensive communication campaign on waste management during a press conference held at the Ministry yesterday.

He explained that the main objectives for this campaign are to reinforce the need for a resource based approach to waste management by recognising the necessity to reduce the generation of waste, look for opportunities to reuse resources beyond their primary use and to seek all opportunities to recycle as much of the remaining fraction to extend the life cycle of resources found in waste. With this campaign the Ministry also aims to encourage the general public to contribute in reducing, reusing and recycling their waste hence moving it up the waste hierarchy, such that it is managed in a responsible manner on both an individual and national level.

To illustrate the different ways in which waste may be reduced, Minister Brincat referred to Malta’s Waste Prevention Plan and added that this campaign will accompany and support the implementation of Malta’s Waste Management Plan 2014-2020. “Although Government is committed to investing in improved waste collection practices and supporting infrastructure, sustainable waste management can only be achieved through the individual contribution of each and every individual in the Maltese Islands.” Said Minister Brincat. He went on to explain that this contribution requires a change in the prevailing mentality in order to value waste as a resource and to support the environmental goals of waste management through positive and responsible individual actions. The organic waste pilot project, which is well underway, is a clear example of how Government is putting its money where its mouth is and financing initiatives to support the implementation of Malta’s Waste Management Plan.  This follows the recent inauguration of the Gozo Waste Transfer Station and the Malta North MBT.

Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Leo Brincat, launches the National Waste Education Campaign [6-4-16]

Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Leo Brincat, launches the National Waste Education Campaign [6-4-16]

Representatives from the consortium handling this campaign gave a brief presentation outlining the strategic and creative thinking behind this full- integrated campaign which will be rolled out across all media platforms. While the general themes will continue to reinforce the importance of managing waste according to the waste hierarchy, the focus for the first year will be on the correct disposal of organic and hazardous waste and the importance of the correct separation of waste. Practical examples on correct and responsible waste management are aimed at clarifying concepts and dispelling misconceptions.

The first phase kicks off this month implementing engaging tools and tactics to attract the various target audiences. Among the many activities planned for the year ahead, the campaign will launch an innovative app which will give real time responses to queries on what can be recycled, reused and separated at source as well as a number of targeted seminars aimed at various sectors and industries.

Summing it all up Minister Brincat said that he was confident that this campaign will continue to create greater awareness for the need to manage our waste more effectively whilst recognizing the embedded resource value that it can yield. The campaign is in fact being entirely funded by Government and spearheaded by the Ministry in collaboration with WasteServ Malta Ltd and supported by the Environment and Resources Authority. Further information can be found on

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