Sunday 01 October 2023

Melita Foundation supports Helen O’Grady Academy

The Melita Foundation is supporting a specific programme designed by the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy to help children in care or at risk of social exclusion to promote self-confidence, encourage clear speech and nurture creative talent. The Academy is working with the Ministry of Education, homes operated by the Church, Appoġġ and other NGOs to identify those children who would benefit most from this programme.

Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici, Chair of The Melita Foundation, said, “The unique drama based developmental programme designed by the Helen O’Grady Academy will help these children to develop key life skills focused on communication, critical thinking, and creativity. The Melita Foundation places a great deal of emphasis on promoting 21st Century skills, particularly for those who may have had a difficult start in life and we are therefore committed to make this programme a success.”
More information on the work of The Melita Foundation is available at

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