Monday 08 August 2022

MCWO calls for removal of Education Commissioner who wrote ‘sexist and prejudiced’ article

The Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations (MCWO) calls upon the Ombudsman to remove Mr Caruana Carabez from his post as Commissioner of Education after reading the article on the Times of Malta ‘The Foibles of Women’ last Friday 5 January 2018.

Mr Caruana Carabez’s article clearly reveals that he is strongly prejudiced against women and that, first and foremost he does not consider them at par with men as human beings, but as flawed creatures. Someone who is so publicly biased can only form his opinions and decisions through his sexist, misogynistic and gendered stereotyped view of the world and cannot deal with cases fairly and objectively.

The role of the Commissioner of Education within the office of the Ombudsman should instill the utmost confidence and trust to citizens and should foster values of respect and give support to men and women with impartiality and integrity. Mr Caruana Carabez cannot perform such a duty.

Therefore the MCWO believes that Mr Caruana Carabez has rendered his post untenable.

The MCWO is an umbrella organisation that represents 12 local member organisations which collectively have around 24,000 female members. The Confederation is a full member of the Brussels-based European Women’s Lobby.

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