Tuesday 23 July 2024

HSBC Malta supports Career Development at St Ignatius College Ħandaq Secondary School

Left to right: Noel Caruana, Student Advisor at the University of Malta, Bridget Mamo from JobsPlus and Maria Boot, Risk Manager at HSBC Malta

HSBC Malta is proud to announce its partnership with St Ignatius College Ħandaq Secondary School in organising a series of mock job interviews in an initiative aimed at boosting the career readiness of Malta’s youth. This collaboration underscores HSBC’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities and professional preparedness amongst students.

The mock interview event took place in May and engaged Year 10 students in a practical learning environment where they could apply their interview skills in real-life scenarios. These sessions were designed to bridge the gap between educational achievements and real-world job market expectations, providing students with valuable feedback from seasoned professionals.

HSBC volunteers, including key members from various departments, shared their expertise, offering insights into the dynamics of job interviews and effective communication strategies. This initiative not only helped students gain confidence but also equipped them with essential skills required in today’s competitive job environment.

“HSBC is committed to investing in the future by supporting educational programs that cultivate the talents of young individuals. Our involvement with St Ignatius College is part of our broader strategy to enhance access to quality education and career development opportunities,” said Maria Boot, Risk Manager at HSBC Malta. She added, “We believe that by preparing students for the professional challenges ahead, we are contributing to a well-equipped future workforce, and ultimately, to the sustainable growth of our community.”

This event is one of several initiatives led by HSBC to support educational and professional development across Malta. By partnering with educational institutions like St Ignatius College, the bank hopes to make a lasting impact on the professional landscape of tomorrow.

“HSBC’s involvement in the mock interview initiative has been a truly enriching experience for our students,” remarked Ann Julene Hili, Principal Education Support Practitioner – Career Advisor at St. Ignatius College. “The professional guidance and real-world insights provided by HSBC volunteers have significantly enhanced our students’ readiness for the world of work. We are immensely grateful for this partnership and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to equip our students with the necessary skills for their future careers.”

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