Monday 23 May 2022

HSBC Malta Foundation supports ESG online course for educators

The HSBC Malta Foundation has supported an online sustainability short course which is available for heads of educational institutions and educators. The Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Leading Sustainable Schools online course has been prepared and is led by Ruth Mansueto, Assistant Head at Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph Paola and is available on 21 Academy, a developer and provider of accredited courses focusing on human resources, law, and business administration. The course focuses on how schools can adopt sustainable practices, which are present in the business landscape to foster the transition towards greener school operations.
As the Coronavirus pandemic has increased awareness of safeguarding the planet, (ESG) has been gathering momentum in business circles. Nevertheless, ESG practices can also be implemented in educational institutions, improving school governance significantly. In this context, the online course supported by HSBC Malta Foundation investigates how school governance can be enhanced to support sustainable school operations.
Although the inclusion of ESG performance in periodical reports is voluntary in the business world, experience has increasingly shown that companies that do not include ESG activities in their reports tend to be overlooked by investors. In this light, schools can equally benefit from implementing ESG practices in their governance and curriculum to better the future of their students and communities.
The online course is made up of five modules and discusses how school leaders have an essential role in the implementation of sustainable school practices. A sustainable mind-set needs to be infused into teaching, learning, and school improvement policies. Furthermore, empowering students is essential. If the youth start making small actions, they will immediately see their efforts’ results. Therefore, they become agents in leading by example, encouraging others to live sustainably. A certificate will be issued to the participants for successful completion of this course.
Glenn Bugeja, Corporate Sustainability Manager at HSBC Malta, said: “Sustainable schools focus on education within a sustainable development framework. HSBC Malta has long supported the improvement of the skills of our youth. We believe that students are the key to a better future; therefore, we are honoured to have supported this project through which school leaders will be able to pass on their knowledge to students. We are also thanking 21 Academy for their professional support for this project, which was essential to make this course a reality.”
Ruth Mansueto, Assistant Head of Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph in Paola, said: “Schools have a major role in shaping our future. Therefore, it is the best place to raise awareness about ESG practices to instil the mind-set of sustainability in the youth at an early age. Thanks to the support from the HSBC Malta Foundation we were able to educate many leaders of schools on how to adopt ESG practices in their operations.” 
Angelito Sciberras, Head of Academy at 21 Academy, said: “It has been an honour for 21 Academy to work together with the HSBC Malta Foundation on developing this invaluable and essential ESG course for educators and school heads. Our world is changing rapidly; employers and employees must keep abreast of the knowledge, skills, values and abilities that help us build a sustainable present for a better future. We believe this course can offer everything that educators today need to infuse a sustainable mind-set in young people.”
The course is available for educators on the following link:

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