Sunday 04 December 2022

HSBC Bank Malta initiative for staff to reduce the use of plastic bottles

As more people clutch at their bottled water during the hot summer months, others in Malta are instead turning to their kitchen taps to quench their thirst thanks to a subsidy on domestic reverse osmosis (RO) systems by HSBC Malta.
The Bank’s company-wide initiative led to 53 households deciding to install the water filtration system and saving on the constant purchase and storing of bottle water. Furthermore, it is estimated that the shift from bottle water to treated tap water is reducing the production and disposal of plastic bottles by more than 45,000 every year.

HSBC Bank Malta initiative for staff to reduce the use of plastic bottles - 2
An employee of HSBC Malta, Nadia Micallef, whose family of four benefitted from the subsidy, said: “Before the RO we were used to carrying large packs of bottles from the market to the car to our first-floor apartment. Our weekly recycling bags were always bulging and the squeaking sound of empty plastic bottles was at times very unpleasant.  Thanks to HSBC and the attractive subsidy they offered to staff, my family now has the peace of mind that getting a glass of water is just a tap away.”
The RO process uses various phases of filtration to remove particulates and chemicals from the tap water, significantly improving the quality and taste of the water. A domestic RO plant is typically installed once, takes less space, and offers long running cycles.
“Households with the RO system do away with the inconvenience of carrying and storing bottled water, and for the environment it means that less bottles go to landfill or for recycling,” said Nikolaos Fertakis, Chief Operating Officer at HSBC Malta.
Water is one of HSBC Malta’s flagship corporate sustainability themes. The HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop, since 2013, has become the largest water-conservation campaign in Malta, involving more than 50,000 students, local councils, higher education institutes, politicians, as well as the EU-28 Environment Ministers. The bank’s RO initiative was subsidised by the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop.

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