Tuesday 31 March 2020

Distribution of half a million recycling bags

Half a million grey recycling bags have been distributed for free to thousands of households by GreenMT in line with the Government’s decision to increase the price of non-biodegradable black garbage bags, to encourage people to recycle more household refuse using grey bags.

Every family in the 30 localities from where recycling is collected, can go to their local council and collect their bags to continue separating waste and participate in the national commitment to recycle.

The free bags, as well as the door to door collection paid for by this scheme, is one of the many initiatives which is being carried out by Green MT to increase  awareness and encourage environmental action by the Maltese to reduce the amount of waste which they generate, to separate more at home and to dispose of recycled items properly.


In this way, Greent MT will continue to be committed to increase the awareness of the benefits of waste separation, and to reduce unseparated waste in the black bags which are being thrown away directly at the only engineered landfill at Għallis that is being filled at a rapid rate.

For more information go to their website www.greenmt.org or phone on 21496965/6.

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