Tuesday 23 July 2024

Blossom Project prospers with €60,000 sponsorship agreement

The Malta Trust Foundation project offers psychosocial support to schoolchildren

The Blossom Project, which provides vital counselling and psychotherapeutic services to hundreds of schoolchildren in nine state schools, can continue to flourish with €60,000 worth of support.

This follows a three-year sponsorship agreement signed between the Malta Trust Foundation and the Tumas Group for the former’s provision of psychosocial support to empower children and bolster them with the skills to face life’s challenges.

First set up at St Paul’s Bay Primary School in 2016, the Blossom Project was the first of its kind to offer timely and effective support to children, young people, their families, as well as school staff in state-run colleges.

The lack of psychosocial support in early years has a direct impact on mental wellbeing and mental health in later years, which is why the Blossom Project was born, spearheaded by Malta Trust Foundation chair Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

Today, with the financial support garnered from the business community, amongst which the above noted Tumas backing, the Malta Trust Foundation has been able to sustain and expand this essential counselling services to nine schools.

The Foundation’s scope is to add value to existing services and the Blossom therapists work hand in hand with the rest of the professionals within the psychosocial teams to strengthen their relationships and support towards the students who make use of their services.

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