Wednesday 10 August 2022

Batree replaces Batterina – GreenPak’s latest initiative

By the end of 2017, GreenPak Coop Society is aiming to reach the EU’s 45% collection target for Malta, which means that almost one half of used batteries will be recycled on an ongoing basis.

For this purpose, GreenPak Coop Society has launched a nationwide battery compliance scheme called Batree. The scheme is the result of intensive preparatory work hand-in-hand with the authorities and the major battery importers who are all members of GreenPak.

All types of batteries, including rechargeable batteries used for handheld devices, such as portable lights and remote controls, from 9 volts down to button batteries used for watches and clocks, will be collected. Vehicle and industrial batteries are not covered by this scheme.

The national GreenPak Batree scheme is replacing the previous Wasteserv’s Batterina campaign, and will collect batteries from numerous locations including shops, supermarkets, schools, local councils and offices.

GreenPak’s CEO Ing Mario Schembri said: “One of our goals is to raise awareness about battery collection and how important it is to recycle batteries correctly and not dispose them in the black bag or thrown away in the countryside. Batteries contain hazardous materials and do harm the environment if not disposed correctly.”

“As from now on, it is going to be much easier for consumers to recycle their batteries by safely depositing them in special designated battery collection boxes. We are working with several retail outlets, institutions and local councils across Malta and Gozo to serve as venues for collection bins distinctively marked Batree. The public is being encouraged to drop off their batteries at any Local Council,” said Ing Schembri.

Established in 2004, GreenPak runs waste recovery compliance schemes, in accordance with local and EU legislation.  GreenPak, which already operates the Packaging Waste Recycling Scheme and the WEEE Recycle Scheme, both authorised by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is now running Malta’s national battery collection scheme Batree scheme.

Outlets wishing to be part of this national effort to collect used batteries for recycling can contact GreenPak on tel: 21660233, while in the coming days the public can visit for further information on battery collection points available around the Maltese Islands.


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