Thursday 21 October 2021

ADHD adult coaching courses

ADHD adult coach Marie Enbäck from Sweden is visiting Malta on the invitation of ADHD Malta to deliver two ADHD adult coaching courses from 25 October-5 November 2021, a Level 1 titled The ADHD Adult Coaching Approach Course, and a Level 2 titled The ADHD Group Coaching Course.

Carola Stivala, vice-president and co-trainer of ADHD Malta, arranged for both courses to be MFHEA accredited, with an ‘award’ of 5 ECTs/MQF Level 5 for Level 1 and 10 ECTs/MQF Level 5 for Level 2. The courses are being held at the partner school STC in Pembroke and are also on the “Get Qualified”  Scheme, benefiting from a government tax rebate.

The Level 1 course enables participants to gain an in-depth, scientific understanding of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), learn the foundational principals of ADHD coaching and acquire useful skills to apply in their work environment. Lectures and workshops consist of tailoured course material, a literature list for self-study, three written assignments plus 12 hours of practice peer coaching over a three-month period.

Applicants for the Level 2 course will be required to have completed the Level 1 course. Experienced and trained ADHD coaches may apply. Emphasis is focused on applicants who will be actively delivering this group coaching programme, continuously and successfully, in the future. Total course duration is six-eight months, including supervised group coaching sessions.

Ms Enbäck graduated from the ADD Coaching Academy in the United States and has run her own practice since 2008. Alongside coaching, she has organised conferences on ADHD for professionals with international expert speakers. She runs a non-profit network for people with ADHD and professionals, and has engagements in and out of Sweden as an independent consultant.

Over the past three years, she has managed a project for adult ADHD-ers in Norway. Ms Enbäck wrote the study material, ‘ADHD Adult Group Coaching’, for that project and also led the groups herself. The documentation and the conclusions from these groups certainly indicate that ADHD Coaching can lead to progress and a more fulfilling life for adults with ADHD.

For more information send an e-mail to: Contact ADHD Malta for information about the enrolment conditions, and support services, such as meetings, parental skills, educational talks and other activities, on:

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