Friday 03 April 2020

Popular HSBC Fusion service now open to more small business customers

In 2017, HSBC Malta launched HSBC Fusion, a new service focused on supporting small business customers to succeed and making their day-to-day banking easier. Following the success of the service, Fusion is now being extended to small business customers who trade as limited liability companies and partnerships.

HSBC Fusion was first launched in October last year, offering business banking and personal banking in a unified service to small business customers with lending needs of up to €100,000 and an annual turnover of up to €1 million.

Eligible customers have access to customised lending products, dedicated account specialists in each HSBC branch, a single contact number and a selection of modern digital-banking tools.

Gregory Inglott, HSBC Malta Deputy Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management said: “With Fusion’s introduction to limited liability companies and partnerships, we are extending the many benefits of the service across the business community and improving our customer service. I know our Branch Managers are very excited to support business owners and the role they play in the economy.”

In Malta, 97 per cent of companies are small businesses and provide employment to as much as 34 per cent of the population, while contributing to 26 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. Research shows that the majority of these customers prefer banking that is straightforward to access and manage.

The service is driven by over 100 of HSBC Malta’s trained employees in branches across Malta and Gozo. Furthermore, 21 HSBC Fusion specialists situated in branches, act as point of access to customers for their day to day needs.

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