Tuesday 29 September 2020

Palumbo condemns defamatory allegations

Palumbo Shipyards refers to the statement by pressure groups and would like to specify that to date no agreement had been finalised with MSC Cruises, even though such a deal would have nothing but positive economic benefits for Malta.

The statement is nothing but provocation from the usual suspects who for the past 10 years have been bent on seeing the destruction of the shipyard, little realising the harm they are causing not just to us on an international level, but also to Malta.

Palumbo condemns unreservedly the defamatory allegations and reserve the right to institute legal action.  

Furthermore, the timing of their statement is particularly distasteful given we are fully focused at present on trying to safeguard the jobs of our employees and contribute to the Maltese economy during this global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Palumbo Shipyards has placed among the top three worldwide in the cruise ship refitting, and despite the crisis we face now we will continue to work in the interest of Malta and all its citizens,” a spokesperson said.

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