Tuesday 11 August 2020

MDA welcomes Malta’s EU budget allocation for 2021-2027

Calls on Government to ensure that the budget is led by able, determined and competent executives.

MDA welcomes the €2.25 billion EU budget allocation package negotiated and secured by the Governmentfor the period 2021-2027.

This budget allocation is an important milestone for the country as it can support the continued growth of the country’s economy.  It came at a crucial time to continue ensuring the country’s growth.  

MDA congratulates the Maltese government for its achievement and calls for the involvement of all stakeholders and the public to see that the EU funds are used for the benefit of the country to improve the quality of life of Maltese citizens andbetter job creation.  MDA insists that the successful rolling-out and implementation of this budget largely depends on the efficiency of the government authorities and calls on Government to ensure that these are led by able, determined and competent executives, something which the country currently yearns for.

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