Tuesday 31 March 2020

MDA supports government on White Rocks development

The Malta Developers Association agrees with the way the government is approaching the development of the site known as the White Rocks.

The MDA augurs that this project be done with foresight because this is one of the most beautiful sites in Malta. The MDA is certain that this project will attract great interest and will create a lot of economic benefit. The site, which is currently in a state of abandonment, can be developed for the upmarket property segment.

The MDA believes that this will be a project that attracts foreign property buyers and hotels and other tourist-related developments must as much as possible be connected to it.

Above all, it urges its members to get together and form consortia that will be prepared to bid for this development because it believes that Maltese developers are capable of producing projects like this to a level that competes with other prestigious projects abroad.

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