Saturday 22 June 2024

MDA stresses importance of health and safety

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) wants to publicly express its sorrow about yet another death of a worker in the construction industry that occurred yesterday.

Without entering into the merits of this particular incident, the MDA feels it has to point out that, through its academy, the MDA has organised courses on health and safety procedures – among others – which are on a voluntary basis.

For quite some time, the MDA has been lobbying the authorities to establish a system of registration for all qualified workers in the construction industry.

Such qualifications would not just reflect the skill and aptitude of the worker concerned but would also ensure that workers undergo a basic course on health and safety as part of the requirements for registration. This should apply not only to workers employed with contractors but, more so, to those who carry out work as self-employed persons. 

Moreover, legal obligations and responsibilities on hiring qualified persons would apply to anyone carrying out work, irrespective of whether one is a developer, a contractor or a private citizen.