Wednesday 22 May 2024

MDA setting up a section for landlords

The Malta Developers Association is aware of the problems that are being faced in the rental market. The current situation allows for the abuses and injustices being carried out both by landlords and tenants.

MDA is also aware that Government is being lobbied to regulate the market so that abuses are minimised. While some regulation is necessary, MDA does not believe that a return to the situation where rents are controlled will help the economy since this will stunt the growth of the rental market.
In this situation, MDA has decided to set up a section for property owners who have invested in property for the rental market and have no one to represent them with the authorities.
MDA intends to give a voice to these property owners, while always believing in the need to curb abuses, irrespective of whether such abuse is committed by the tenant or the owner.
MDA is taking this step proactively and in the spirit that MDA has adopted since its foundation: it always tries to come up with solutions rather than just voicing its position