Tuesday 07 December 2021

MDA on permits for residences in ODZ areas

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) refers to comments made by environmental NGOs and individuals on social media about applications for new residences in areas that are Outside Development Zones (ODZ) and that are being approved by the Planning Authority.

As a matter of principle, MDA has never been in favour of the extension of development zones, much less in favour of the unjustified approval of permits for residences in ODZ areas.

MDA notes that the Planning Authority is currently carrying out an exercise that will lead to new policies on permits for residences in ODZ areas. While hoping that this exercise will not take too long before it is finalised, MDA trusts that the new policies will be straightforward and clear, without leaving too much leeway for different interpretations.

Moreover, these policies should be intended to avoid the possibility of controversial decisions similar to those that have been justly criticised by many.

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