Tuesday 14 July 2020

MDA on Foreign Workers Employed for Specific Construction Projects

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has followed reports of a foreign contractor employing foreign workers that are purposely being brought to Malta to work in large construction projects in Malta.
MDA believes that all workers, of whatever nationality, employed in the construction industry in Malta should have the same rights and conditions, irrespective of whether they normally live in Malta or are in Malta for a short period of time during which some project is being developed.
MDA also believes that accommodation for such workers should be of a good standard that is acceptable in a modern European state and that such accommodation should be adequately serviced with water, electricity and drainage services.
In this respect, it is the duty of the Maltese regulatory authorities to ensure that foreign workers imported for specific jobs being carried out by foreign contractors are not subjected to unacceptable conditions that would also give an unfair advantage to foreign contractors at the expense of their own workers.
MDA also requests the Ministry of Finance to ensure that foreign contractors working in Malta are subject to the same level of taxation that Maltese contractors are obliged to observe.

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