Monday 06 July 2020

MDA calls for task force to tackle bureaucracy

The Malta Developers Association notes that, despite the political will expressed publicly several times by the Prime Minister and other spokesmen of the present government, the situation related to the obstacles every entrepreneur has to face due to excessive bureaucracy by Government departments and parastatal bodies has remained the same, if not aggravated in certain instances.

The MDA believes that, if a serious effort is made to lessen this bureaucracy and government entities become truly more efficient, economic progress in the country will be greater than that registered in the past two years.
The MDA believes that this problem can lead to a lowering in the rate of economic growth and that, if nothing is done, many investors will be discouraged due to these obstacles. Therefore, it insists that the government should consider this as one of its priorities.
In these circumstances, the MDA is recommending that a task force be set up to take this issue seriously and introduce more efficient and less bureaucratic procedures in the various sectors in which bureaucracy has ended up being more of a burden that of benefit to the country.

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