Friday 03 April 2020

MDA appeals for greater professionalism at work place

The Malta Developers Association feels it needs to express itself on incidents on construction sites, some of them even with fatal consequences, which are regularly reported.

Without going into the merits of individual cases, the MDA feels that certain amateurism in the construction sector is out of date and that nowadays we cannot do without professionalism in this sector.

The MDA recognises in a positive manner all the efforts being made by the state entity for security at the workplace – the OHSA – and urges everyone to observe the OHSA’s guidelines on every job that is carried out, large or small, both for personal as well as commercial reasons.

Since it was set up, the MDA has kept its members updated on their obligations towards the safeguarding and security both of workers and the public on the workplace. To continue this endeavour, it intends to upload to its website ( all the information on the legal provisions that safeguard health and safety on construction sites so that this information will be accessible both to its members as well as to the public.

Above all, the MDA feels it is its duty to draw the authorities’ attention itself, where it sees that these provisions are not being observed, to take the necessary steps.

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