Sunday 01 October 2023

Liquigas recovers thousands of illegally painted cylinders

Liquigas is not in a position to assume responsibility for such cylinders

Thousands of Liquigas Malta’ green and yellow LPG gas cylinders, that have been illegally repainted dark grey and filled by third parties, have been recovered from the market in both Malta and Gozo during the month of October. This is the result of an ongoing information campaign combined with Liquigas’ offer of a free of charge replacement for any illegally painted cylinder, whether used or still sealed, with a full Liquigas green or yellow cylinder. These repainted cylinders can easily show the original Liquigas green and yellow paint under the grey coating.

“Liquigas Malta is not in a position to assume responsibility for such illegally painted and filled cylinders,” said a spokesperson for Liquigas.

The final day of this offer is this coming Saturday 7th November 2015. “At the rate that cylinders are being recovered, customers are advised to contact Liquigas Malta at their earliest to ensure a free of charge replacement with a full gas cylinder from Liquigas Malta,” said the company spokesperson.

Asked whether the offer will be extended, the company spokesperson said: “Liquigas Malta embarked on an information campaign in the press and social media since the beginning of October 2015. Therefore, the final date of Saturday 7th November for free of charge replacement for illegally painted cylinders will be respected.”

Those who are in possession of an illegally painted grey cylinder should contact Liquigas Malta on telephone 2248 6010 during office hours or via email at

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