Tuesday 07 April 2020

HSBC Global Asset Management Malta launches the Lower Carbon Funds range

As global awareness of environmental sustainability risks increases and momentum around climate-related investments continues to build, more investors realise the importance of sustainable investment.

HSBC Global Asset Management Malta announces the launch of the HSBC GIF (Global Investment Fund) Lower Carbon Equity Fund and the HSBC GIF Lower Carbon Bond Fund, two lower carbon funds that aim to address climate-related investment risks using robust composite carbon data to achieve a lower carbon portfolio than their respective reference benchmark. Climate change is a material investment issue, creating risks and opportunities as companies are impacted directly or as a result of regulatory changes.

By taking a proactive approach, HSBC is offering investors an opportunity to mitigate some of the risks associated with climate change.

Wayne Spiteri, Managing Director of HSBC Global Asset Management Malta, which is the official distributor of the HSBC GIF Lower Carbon Funds, said: “HSBC is focusing on a more collaborative engagement with investors with the aim of ensuring that finance is part of the solution to sustainability. We recognise that the world needs to move to a lower-carbon economy to be able to tackle climate-related issues and grow in a sustainable manner.”

As a leading fund manager, HSBC Global Asset Management has integrated sustainable investing in its investment management. The implications of climate change and transitioning to a lower-carbon economy are now core investment considerations. The HSBC GIF Lower Carbon Bond and Equity Funds aim to reduce total exposure to securities and sectors that produce the highest greenhouse gas emissions. In the Lower Carbon Funds, all holdings must pass a carbon-intensity assessment to be eligible for purchase.

These funds are managed by HSBC Global Asset Management, one of the largest asset managers in the world. It specialises in investment products both for retail and institutional clients, managing over €400 billion in assets and present in over 26 countries.


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