Saturday 22 June 2024

Consolidate your assets with MeDirect and get a cashback bonus of up to €500

Consolidating your investment portfolio can save time and effort for investors by enabling them to better understand their overall position. Doing so with MeDirect provides the additional benefits of customers being able to track performance through their mobile app or online banking platform and the ability to buy and sell stocks, bonds, funds and ETFs seamlessly with low fees.
MeDirect, Malta’s first digital bank, is offering new and existing customers the opportunity to enjoy a €500 cashback bonus for consolidating their investment portfolio.
All investors who consolidate their assets with MeDirect by 30 June 2024 will enjoy a cashback bonus of 0.50 per cent of the value of the securities being consolidated, up to a maximum of €500. Customers will have their bonus calculated on the value of their portfolio as at 31 July 2024, with the bonus being paid into customers’ accounts by 31 August 2024.
Ingrid Micallef, Head of Wealth at MeDirect, said, “Consolidating an investment portfolio with one provider saves time and effort for investors enabling them to keep track of everything in one place. With MeDirect’s market leading mobile app and online banking platform, this is even easier. Investors can also use our platform to seamlessly buy and sell stocks, bonds, funds and ETFs, all available with low fees.”
Consolidating assets to MeDirect is a straightforward process. Existing customers can simply complete an Asset Transfer Form and send it to MeDirect together with an updated statement of holdings. Alternatively, customers can also visit one of our branches in Sliema or Gozo and provide the relevant instructions. New clients would first need to become customers, either by completing MeDirect’s online application or visiting a branch.
Investors who choose to consolidate their assets with MeDirect will not be charged any fees for do so. MeDirect will also reimburse transfer-out fees charged by third parties, up to 0.5 per cent of the total value of the securities being consolidated.
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