Wednesday 20 March 2019

Vodafone Malta Foundation encourages ability at Summer Camp

 A group of members from the organisation LAND (Living Ability not Disability) joined another 500 youths from all over the world for the 31st International Summer Camp organised by VOTO (Volunteers of the Orders of Malta) in August in Ireland

“We are always impressed when we meet young people who do not let life’s challenges intimidate them and who strive to lead a full life notwithstanding,” said Roberta Pace, Administrator of the Vodafone Malta Foundation.  “Their determination and positivity is an example to us all.”

The fun-filled week-long event enabled the Maltese group to overcome the challenges of disability and participate actively in a variety of events including sports, games, crafts and cultural tours. Each country also organised an international night, giving the other participants the opportunity to savour the different countries various food and drinks and learn about different places around the world. The event was an astounding success and an unforgettable experience for all.

Jeanesse Abela  from LAND said, “I must say that we have learnt and grew a lot from these experiences and together we made the camp a successful one. The organization of the whole event was great and everyone was really helpful. This amazing camp would not have been possible without the help of relatives, assistants and sponsors such as the Vodafone Malta Foundation. This event gave us the possibility to interact with different people from around the world and everyone participated.”

Living Ability Not Disability was established in 2002 with the objectives to educate, enhance the independence of persons with a physical disability and promote inclusion through mainstream socialization. LAND is the only organization in Malta that embraces persons with physical disability and non-disabled persons in order to interact together during activities thus developing friendships whilst creating an awareness of social inclusion in all spheres of life.




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