Thursday 20 June 2019

Vodafone employees donate part of their salary to SPCA

Vodafone employees have recently presented a generous cheque of €3,000 to the SPCA collected through the employee contribution scheme and helped out wth the handy-work at the centre and walking the dogs. They also managed to collect extra funds and bought toys and treats for the animals.

“Our commitment to the community in general underlies the core values and principles of Vodafone Malta and all our team members,” said Roberta Pace from Vodafone Malta. “Through our annual Employee Charity Contribution scheme our employees help out with different issues in our society and this time we decided to help the SPCA with the refurbishment of the kennels and the centre. This NGO is one of the most loved animal organisations on our islands and our donation shows the need for continuous support for the exceptional work carried out throughout the year.”

The SPCA is one of the NGO’s to whom Vodafone are donating money from the Employee Charity Scheme funds for this year and this is just a part of the total sum collected from employees through a monthly donation directly from their salary. The SPCA is a non-profit NGO with the main aim of giving animals the best care possible and with it’s main income coming mainly from fundraising activities, the Sponsor a Dog Cat Membership Scheme, Paws for Cause Charity Shop and donations from organisations and the public. The home’s daily running expenses largely consist of food, medicine, water and electricity, wages and maintenance. Since the home is over 100 years old, it needs constant attention and repairs to be maintained at an acceptable level. The SPCA’s next project is that of tiling the kennels.

“Thanks to the generous donation of Vodafone we can now say that we can move ahead with this floor and wall tiling project,” said Miriam Casha from SPCA. “Our dogs will be definitely benefiting through this upgrade both hygienically and physically.”


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