Sunday 17 February 2019

Vodafone employees donate books for Book Box

Pictured above: Jasmine Fenech and Roberta Genovese from Book Box together with Miriam Dalli, Corporate Affairs Senior Executive at Vodafone Malta

Vodafone Malta decided to participate actively in a very innovative and interesting initiative that a group of Maltese University students are working on – Book Box. Book Box is a new project aimed to promote reading in different localities around Malta and Gozo by bringing back to life the traditional red telephone boxes and transforming them into a small swap library where everyone is welcome to exchange books.

“We believe that reading is of utmost importance, not only for current generations but also for future ones,” said Miriam Dalli, Corporate Affairs Senior Executive at Vodafone Malta. “We are well aware that in today’s world, people are less keen on reading a good book and we think that this is a pity. Reading a good book can literally transport you into a creative world of your own. As a company we believe that it is also our responsibility to promote reading in our community, so we instantly agreed to help out Book Box.”

Vodafone Malta decided to help kick start this project with a mutual consensus that the wealth which lies on the shelves is to be taken care of as if it were one’s own, by providing the first books for this public library. After calling all employees to donate any books to this project, Vodafone employees managed to pool in 5 whole boxes of books, including famous novels, books in Maltese, educational books and fun books.

“Thanks to the ‘swap’ system, the service provided through Book Box is going to be absolutely free,” said Roberta Genovese, President of Book Box. “Giving and taking will ensure that the Book Boxes around Malta will always be filled with a variety of books and donations will always help us keep all book boxes stocked with the latest titles on the shelves. We are also hoping that through this innovative project people who do not normally read much will be exposed to different genres, influencing their family members and friends to do the same. At the moment our main aim is to promote the idea as much and as far as possible.”

Anyone interested in helping out, can easily find Book Box on Facebook and like their page or send them an email on [email protected].



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