Monday 22 July 2019

Three Ironman challenges at one go! Nathan Farrugia to set endurance record for Inspire

Inspire CEO Nathan Farrugia will this June attempt a world-first triathlon challenge that will see him run, swim and cycle across 666km non-stop from Corsica to Sardinia.

The Eurosport Ultra Med Challenge, as it has been named, is equivalent to three Ironman challenges and will be attempted continuously in around three days, with only a few 45-minute breaks throughout.

“Every so often, I try to come up with an extreme challenge that will put Malta on the endurance map while raising funds for good causes,” said Mr Farrugia during a press conference held at Inspire in Marsaskala.

“This challenge is unique since I will only stop to rest for short 45-minute bursts a couple of times during the run and cycle part of the challenge. The swim will be an continuous effort and the clock will keep ticking throughout,” he added.

Mr Farrugia is being sponsored by Eurosport and BRND WGN, so that all additional sponsorship money raised will go straight to Inspire.

The adventure will start off with a run of approximately 210km across Corsica, followed by a 15km swim across the often treacherous Bonifacio Straits to Sardinia, leading to a 440km cycle along the east coast straight down to the south of the island.

The event was launched at the Inspire pool where Mr Farrugia and his main sponsors spoke to the press while working up a sweat on some exercise equipment provided by Eurosport.

Eurosport’s managing director Christina Peresso, who just picked up running and participated in the Malta half-marathon last month, spoke from the treadmill: “Nathan is a great ambassador for Malta and Eurosport because he’s always eager to raise the bar and challenge himself to do something that no one else has done before. We’re very proud to be a part of this event which should inspire other athletes to use their sport for a good cause.”

Peter Grech, CEO of creative digital agency BRND WGN, spoke to the press while using a swim bench in preparation for the challenge.

“I will be joining Nathan for the 15km swim to provide some moral support and prove that you don’t have to be an athlete to do something crazy like this. I hope to see other people joining Nathan along the way, either swimming, cycling or running,” he said.

All funds raised will go to Inspire, which is a non-profit organisation that is at the forefront in providing therapeutic, education and leisure services to persons with disabilities in Malta and Gozo.

To support this challenge, send an SMS with “Nathan’s Challenge” to 50617359 (€2.33), 50618080 (€4.66), 50618962 (€6.99) or 50619215 (€11.65).


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