Saturday 16 February 2019

St Jeanne Antide Foundation gets HSBC Malta’s support

Pictured above: HSBC Malta Foundation’s Sarah Watkinson,  SJAF CEO Nora Macelli, and Sr M Salvina Bezzina SoC share a moment with children receiving individual tutoring at SJAF in Tarxien

Vulnerable children from 25 high risk families are receiving extended professional care at the St Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF) with support from the HSBC Malta Foundation.

“With HSBC Malta Foundation’s support, these vulnerable children may continue to be cared for together with their families rather than having to stay at caring institutions away from their families,” said St Jeanne Antide Foundation CEO Nora Macelli.

Based in Tarxien, SJAF is family-focused service organisation that offers holistic support to address individual needs of the whole family. A wide range of services are provided, including social work and counselling, community social work projects, learning support services, literacy groups, and support and advocacy for victims of domestic violence. An outreach programme is also carried out to identify and support hard-to-reach vulnerable and poor families.

“One gets such a tranquil feeling when meeting with the staff and volunteers at St Jeanne Antide Foundation. The supportive atmosphere and professional services offered here are of the utmost importance at ensuring that these children receive the caring support they need to develop their full potential,” said HSBC Malta Foundation Deputy Chairperson Sarah Watkinson.





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