Friday 23 August 2019

Malta Airport – ALIVE2014 Cycling Challenge exceeds its target

The second edition of the MaltaAirport – ALIVE2014 Cycling Challenge was a success as the Foundation exceeded its target of €65,000. The funds collected will be shortly announced and once again donated to the University of Malta’s Research Trust (RIDT) for a specialised programme in breast cancer in Malta.

This year, forty-five cyclists lived up to this tough challenge, covering almost 1,100Km in seven days across five countries in hot temperatures, wet weather, steep hills and rough terrain.

The challenge kicked off from Prague on July 10. The group cycled to Vienna, then through Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade, covering a daily average of 155Km. This year’s route was notably hilly and much tougher than last year’s with one particular elevation reaching 2,600m.

“Throughout the challenge we kept our spirits high,” said Nicky Camilleri, Chairperson of ALIVE Charity Foundation. “Although we encountered varied weather conditions and hilly routes our spirits were not dampened. Exhausted in the sweltering heat and drenched in the heavy rain and hail, we were all determined to complete the challenge knowing that every kilometre cycled and every euro collected was going to help raise funds for further research in breast cancer.”

For the past years, the University of Malta in collaboration with Mater Dei Hospital Breast Clinic, has registered progress in particular biochemical pathways in breast cancer. Involved in this research are the Physiology and Biochemistry Department, the Anatomy Department and the Clinical Pharmacology Department within the University of Malta.

“We need to sustain this crucial research study along the coming years. We therefore continue to rely on the generosity of the Maltese community,” said Wilfred Kenely, Chief Executive of the University of Malta’s Research Trust.

The ALIVE2014 Cycling Challenge was sponsored by MaltaInternationalAirport and supported by Sky Spirits Fitness Lounge, Impressions Print, Signs and Displays, Go & Fun, Debenhams, Gollcher Group, Pizza Petrus, Garmin, Express Group and KPMG amongst others.

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