Tuesday 16 July 2019

International dance convention to bring stars from around the world

The International Multi Style Dance Convention (IMSDC) will once again enthral audiences in Malta during a five-day gathering with riveting cultural dance performances at the Cettina De Cesare Hall, InterContinental Hotel on Thursday 23 October. Proceeds from the event will go towards the University of Malta’s Research Trust (RIDT) and ‘A Stage for Life’; a non-profit organisation dedicated to narrowing social gaps using performance arts.

The performances will bring together artists from a wide range of dance styles, from flamenco to oriental dance, and from contemporary to tribal dance. The extravaganza will feature dancers from Spain, France, Morocco, Israel, Germany, Malta and the Philippines. Some of the foremost names in the event’s line up include Domingo Ortega from Spain, Zomzom Mustapha from Morocco, Sharon Shaguy from Israel, Alegria Dance Company from Malta, and Dan Pelleg & Marko Weigert from Germany.

The event kicks off at 2100hrs and entrance is against a donation – recommended at €10 – in favour of the two chosen philanthropic organisations. Tickets are available at the door.

A Stage for Life was established in 2011 in Israel, with the objective of providing at-risk children and youth the opportunity to participate in after-school enrichment classes, mainly in the performing arts.

The RIDT was established to attract funds from private and corporate bodies to be used to maximise and nurture the research activities at the University of Malta, and to foster the commercial application of research.

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