Tuesday 19 March 2019

HSBC Malta Water Programme volunteers return to share Ghana experience

A group of six HSBC Malta employee volunteers have returned from a weeklong visit to Ghana, as part of the HSBC Water Programme, where HSBC is supporting WaterAid projects to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

“This was an eye-opening experience for us and one that has left us with an enduring appreciation and deep understanding of the HSBC Water Programme,” said team leader Stephen Pandolfino, HSBC Malta’s Deputy Chief Risk Officer.

The group of HSBC Malta representatives included also Edward Cachia, Graziella Grech Borg, Paul Curmi, Raymond Cassar, and Samantha Hollyoak.

HSBC WaterAid Partnership“Our experience in Ghana was at times very challenging as we understood the many stark realities faced by the communities we visited. We empathised with the people we met, whose quest for basic necessities, such as safe and clean water, is vital for their survival. Each day of the visit had its own particular highlight, although the most impressive was the day we inaugurated the Water Kiosk in Dohini Yapala, which was celebrated with great fanfare, joy and happiness, equal to that of the birth of a new born child,” Mr Pandolfino added.

He said: “We returned home with a positive message: the HSBC Water Programme is making a tremendous difference. By coordinating with leading organisations and pooling together expertise and resources, the project is providing the collaborative approach required to make an impact in the face of large-scale challenges.”

WaterAid is helping individuals and communities progress and aspire to the future through the programme’s support in delivering safe water, sanitation and hygiene as well as the important social, psychological and economic benefits these bring.

On their return route to Malta from Ghana via London, the team met with HSBC’s Group Chairman Douglas Flint and Senior Manager Environmental Programmes Sue Alexander who congratulated the team on their contribution.

The HSBC Water Programme is a five-year, USD100 million programme, in partnership with widely respected non-government organisations (NGOs) – WWF, WaterAid and Earthwatch, delivering a powerful combination of water provision, protection and education; resulting in the most ground-breaking water programme committed to by a financial organisation.

More information is available on the HSBC Water Programme website at www.thewaterhub.org, together with daily blogs recounting the Ghana Malta team’s experiences in Ghana.



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