Wednesday 19 September 2018

HSBC Malta Foundation supports a Maltese tradition of quality

Pictured above: Marquis Nicholas De Piro of Casa Rocca Piccola with Elizabeth Attard and Consiglia Debono, Signora Hadar Halevi de Vito, and HSBC Bank Malta Manager Sustainability Doriette Camilleri
Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta recently hosted the the seventh edition of the Malta Lace Competition.
Supported by HSBC Malta Foundation, the exhibition brought to life this centuries-old tradition for the appreciation of the public. The exhibits consisted of some 120 works submitted by 49 Maltese and Gozitan lace makers who participated in different categories. The intention of the competition, under the direction of Marquis Nicholas de Piro, is to bring together and keep alive the high quality of craftsmanship from Malta’s times past, which risks having to make way for faster, industrialised ways of making lace.
The wife of the Italian ambassador to Malta, Mrs Hadar Halevi de Vito presented prizes to Elizabeth Attard and Consiglia Debono, who were the overall winners of this year’s edition, and certificates to all participants. The pieces were judged on the merit of originality in design, ethnicity and tradition, technical skill, presentation, magnitude of the undertaking and quality of the item produced.
120 - HSBC - Malta Lace Competition 2013 - photo 2
“It is encouraging to note the increasing number of participants who, though still in their teens, are taking up the challenge. This augurs well for the future of Maltese lace-making,” said Marquis de Piro. “Maltese lace-making is a distinguished skill recognised for its attention to detail and its exactness which makes it quite unique and we thank the HSBC Malta Foundation for its ongoing support in helping us carry the appreciation and encouragement of Maltese lace-making to our next generation.”
HSBC Bank Malta Manager Sustainability Doriette Camilleri said: “The level of work exhibited was outstanding and is improving year on year. The HSBC Foundation supports this initiative as the high quality of Maltese lace forms part of the true Maltese heritage that Malta is proud of.”
At the end of the presentation ceremony, Marquis de Piro presented a copy of his own publication ‘Ladies of Malta in Extravagant and Spectacular Maltese Lace’, which features an extensive collection of fine lace that can be found at Casa Rocca Piccola, to Mrs de Vito. Ms Anna Maria Gatt presented the HSBC logo she produced in lace to HSBC Bank Malta’s Manager Sustainability Ms Doriette Camilleri.

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