Saturday 23 March 2019

HSBC Malta Foundation assists children in foster care

Pictured above: Foster Care Team Leader at Appoġġ John Role’, HSBC Malta Manager Sustainability Doriette Camilleri and the animators welcoming the children

A cheerful festive atmosphere and the sound of eager children singing and playing to Christmas carols filled the Pembroke Church Hall at the Annual Christmas Party sponsored by the HSBC Malta Foundation and organised by the National Foster Carers Association (NFCAM) together with the Foster Care Unit at Aġenzija Appoġġ.

The Foster Care Unit assigns children to families who can provide a safe and nurturing environment and help fulfil the children’s needs before they can be reunited with their natural families. Each foster family is assigned a social worker who liaises with them and helps them with any needs that may crop up.

Since 2002, HSBC Malta Foundation has been helping the Foster Care Unit. HSBC also sponsors a number of books that are donated to the children as Christmas presents.

HSBC BankMaltaManager Sustainability Doriette Camilleri said: “HSBC Malta Foundation is committed to bringing about lasting benefits for persons with different needs. In the case of disadvantaged children we endeavour to assist in providing them with a better quality of life, through education, care and entertainment. Our message to these children is that they are valued and we care to give them those happy moments they deserve. ”



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