Saturday 16 February 2019

Hospice Malta’s Children’s Summer Club supported by HSBC

Pictured above: HSBC Malta Foundation Deputy Chairperson Sarah Watkinson (left) and Antoinette Shah (right) with members of the Hospice Summer Club

The Hospice Malta’s Children’s Summer Club is in full swing this summer with new activities, such as muffin baking and novel handicrafts. The Club, organised annually with ongoing support from the HSBC Malta Foundation, meets twice a week to keep the children of Hospice Malta’s patients engaged and entertained throughout summer.

The children aged between 4 and 12 years are cared for by volunteers from various backgrounds, such as teachers, university students and seminarians, who conduct the Club’s 10-session programme. This includes cultural outings, swimming lessons, crafts and other fun activities.

“The Children’s Summer Club is very important to us at Hospice Malta. By allowing us to building stronger relationships with the children, the Club also helps us be better prepared to assist children, if and when necessary,” said Hospice Malta General Manager Antoinette Shah.

“The Club also serves as an ideal opportunity for voluntary workers, many of whom are students or teachers on summer break, to gain valuable experience. This quality time in a voluntary work setting simply wouldn’t be possible at other, far more busy, times in the years,” added Ms Shah.

HSBC Malta Foundation Deputy Chairperson Sarah Watkinson said: “HSBC Malta Foundation’s support goes a long way in assisting the patients and staff of the Hospice Malta’s Children’s Summer Club. We are encouraged to see that this Club offers children a good time and opportunities to make new friends, whilst also providing much appreciated respite to the children’s parents and their families.”

Hospice Malta is a voluntary organisation that offers palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neurone disease and other terminal diseases.









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